General Information


Graduate School of Health Sciences was established with Decree Law 41 regarding Higher Education Institutions and Higher Education Act 2547 and has been accepting graduate students since 1983.

As of November 2019, our graduate school offers 55 graduate programs to a total of 1367 students of which 22 students are registered in non-thesis Master’s programs, 450 students in Master’s with thesis, and 895 students in Ph.D. programs.  Graduate School of Health Sciences has a strong academic staff comprising 171 Professors, 100 Associate Professors, 17 Assistant Professors and 138 Research Assistants who continuously achieve phenomenal success with better and qualified studies and advance Gazi University a step further.

The students registered to graduate programs carry out their courses, seminar, and thesis work according the rules given in the regulation. They have to complete their education in the period indicated in the regulation.

The main objectives of Gazi University Graduate School of Health Sciences are to organize graduate education carried out by Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Health Sciences, to direct graduate studies and projects by following scientific and technological developments, and to orient students to further research on current issues.

Graduate School of Health Sciences is dedicated to train future health scientists by its distinguished staff in accordance with the principles stated in its mission and vision.