Evaluation and Announcement of Results (Fall 2022-2023)




  1. More than one application cannot be made at the same time to the programs announced at our institute (except for non-thesis master's programs). In non-thesis programs, the evaluation of each program applied by the candidate is calculated independently of each other.
  2. Gazi University Postgraduate Education and Examination Regulations are taken as a basis for preliminary evaluation and calculation of entrance success score. The scores obtained are ordered starting from the highest and students are accepted as much as the announced quota.
  3. As a result of the evaluation; In case of equality in placement scores, priority is given to the candidate whose date of birth is closer to the present day (under age). Results are announced on the web address of the relevant institute.
  4. ALES score (at least 50%), Weighted General Grade Point Average (AGNO) and Foreign Language Score percentile interview/written weights to be used in the evaluation have been decided by the Graduate School Administrative Board with the Academic Board Decision of the Head of the relevant Department. Click here for the evaluation rates to be used in the calculation of the success score of the programs.
  5. Preliminary Elimination (Determining the candidates who are eligible to take the entrance exam): In the programs that will apply the written and/or interview scientific evaluation exam, the ranking is made by using the evaluation rates (ALES, AGNO and Foreign Language Score) determined by the "Except Exam" Departments. Candidates three times as many as the announced quota are taken to the scientific evaluation exam.
  6. 50 points out of a written and/or interview scientific evaluation exam score (100); For the doctoral program, the exam score of the candidates who fall below 60 points is not calculated and is considered as unsuccessful. (G.U. Graduate Education Practice Principles M2/2).
  7. Determination of Results: Ratios to be used in calculating the Success Score determined separately for each program in the programs that will hold the entrance exam; The scores obtained according to ALES, Graduation Score AGNO, Foreign Language Score and Entrance Exam Grade Percentiles are ranked starting from the highest and candidates with 60 or higher ranking points are evaluated within the quota. (Regulation M6/2).
  8. ALES is not required for the applications of graduates of doctorate, specialization in medicine (TUS), specialization in dentistry (DUS), specialization in pharmacy (EUS) graduates and / or doctoral programs, and the ALES score to be included in the calculations in their applications to the relevant programs has been determined as 70 by the decree of the Gazi University Senate. Candidates who meet the other Special Conditions of the program will be able to apply.
  9. In calculation of graduation grade or weighted grade point average, the system conversion table of 4 and 100 points of the Higher Education Council is taken as a basis.


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