As Gazi University Institute of Health Sciences, Gazi University Institute of Health Sciences, the provisions of Articles 3/f, 19, 50 and 65 of the Faculty of Dental Sciences numbered 2547 and the Decree on Higher Education Institutions and the Decree Law No. 41, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine. was established in 1982 to train postgraduate and doctorate education at the School of Physical Education and Sports, and started its activities on 05.08.1983.

Later on, in 2003, it has the School of Nursing with its Master's Program. This School was transformed into a Faculty of Health Sciences in 2008 with the Decree of the Council of Ministers No. 2008/13928 and it continues its graduate education.

The main objectives of Gazi University Health Sciences Institute are to organize postgraduate education in Gazi University, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Sport Sciences, to direct graduate studies and projects by following scientific and technological developments, to direct students to advanced research on current issues.

Students enrolled in the Graduate Program of the Institute continue their lectures, seminars and thesis studies in accordance with the regulations they are affiliated with. They have to complete this training within the time specified in the regulations to which they are bound.

As of the 2022-2023 Academic Year, as of Spring Semester, 40 Departments (with Interdisciplinary), 1 Discipline, 1 Master's Program, 46Master's Programs (4 without Thesis) and 36 Doctorate Programs There are 1240  students in total, 16 of whom are in the Master's Program without Thesis, 444 in the Master's Program, and 780 in the Doctorate program, registered to our institute, which continues education in a total of 47 fields. A strong teaching staff consisting of 194 Professors, 59 Associate Professors, 20 Doctors, 3 Lecturers and 89 Research Assistants in the departments affiliated to the Institute of Health Sciences carries out better and more qualified studies day by day and moves Gazi University forward. they are trying to move.

The Institute of Health Sciences, which trains the qualified manpower that contributes and will contribute to the R&D activities of Gazi University, which is one of the leading Educational Institutions of our country, works with a sense of responsibility, in the light of the principles it has determined in accordance with its vision and mission, and with a transparent management approach. It continues his international academic studies.



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