Non-Thesis Master's Process


Non-Thesis Master's Process

1. Semester

Course Term 30 ECTS Course Advisor Appointment (Form 2)

2. Semester

Course Term 30 ECTS Course Term Project Subject Proposal (Form 4)

3. Semester

Term project 30 ECTS Term Project Evaluation (Form 17)

🎓 To graduate from the Non-Thesis Master's program; At least 90 ECTS must be taken, provided that at least 60 ECTS is from the course period.
🎓 Must be successful in compulsory/elective courses.
🎓 During the term project period, the «Semester Project» course opened by the advisor must be taken.
🎓  A maximum of 40 ECTS can be taken in a semester.
🎓 Semester project and Graduation Student average should be 2.5/4.0. A minimum of CC must be obtained from the courses.
🎓 At the end of the semester in which the term project course is taken, the student has to prepare a written report about his/her work and present it in a session with the advisor.
🎓 The term project should be written according to the rules of Thesis writing guidelines and the similarity rate in the plagiarism report should be below 20%. (Form 31
🎓 The term project evaluation form is sent to the institute with the approval of the department (Form 17, Form 31)

🎓The student submits the approved term project to the institute in hardcover.

🎓In addition, the documents required for graduation are submitted to the institute. Graduates are graduated with the decision of the Institute Board of Directors.


🎓You can reach the student forms and the documents required for graduation (Form 21) on the institute website.
🎓 You can find more detailed information about the doctorate processes and the issues that caused the dismissal from the program in the Gazi University Graduate Education and Examination Regulations and Doctoral Education Application Principles.
🎓Education-Training and Exam Regulations
🎓Directive / Regulation
🎓Postgraduate Education Application Principles

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